Lutricia McNeil

Lutricia McNeal, born and raised in Oklahoma City, USA, comes from a large family and is the seventh of nine children. Her father was a preacher, her mother a missionary. Lutricia’s first contact with music came from singing in the church gospel choir. Her father, who brought in extra money by working at the Union Bus Station, met artists such as Tina Turner and James Brown passing through. The stories he brought home fascinated young Lutricia, and fueled her dreams for the future. Later on, she won a music scholarship to Grambling State University, Louisiana. „In 1989, she took off for Europe with a college friend. She had no definite plans other than to travel and see the sights.“ The trip was like an attempt to make her dream come true. She took every opportunity she had to sing, hoping that someone would hear her and offer her a break. After spending time in Germany, singing with local bands, Lutricia and her friend went for a holiday in Sweden. After a week, the friend went back home, and Lutricia stayed on. The break came when she met up with producer-team Rob’N’Raz and became lead-singer for their new project, Rob’N’Raz DLC. Lutricia recorded two albums with the group and had a number of hits. „Ain’t That Just The Way“ was released throughout Europe and became a Top 5 single everywhere. It later became a Top 3 single in Japan and New Zealand and finally cracked the British Top 5 in November 1997. While „Ain’t That Just The Way“ stormed the international charts, the song „My Side Of Town“ was released as a follow-up single from her debut album in Sweden, Germany and New Zealand, where it was a No. 1 hit and went Platinum.